Sunday, 23 March 2014

Day 195: City adventures

We ventured into the city today because Alex and a friend went to an "enrichment" program, called Whizz Kids, at UTS (University of Technology Sydney) .  They spent the day doing animation and claymation on iPads and had a great time.

Nick, Remie and I headed over to the Maritime Museum and checked out the exhibit on whales.  Remie loved the whale bit (she now wants to be deep sea diver) and I loved that it came from the Musee Nationale d'histoire Naturelle, Paris, so I got to test my language skills by reading all the information in French. Nick loved the general exhibits on boats so it was a whole family win.

We hung out at Tumbalong Park in Darling Harbour for a bit where Remie played in the water park and had a ball while Nick and I talked. We had lunch with Netty in a little cafe away from the tourist spots then picked up the boys and headed home. It was a lovely day doing something totally out of the ordinary.

The only annoying side-effect I seem to be having at the moment is runny eyes. Oh, and my lack of taste, though that seems to be returning very slowly. And I'm tired (though that may have to do with Remie's night terrors that lasted until 2.30a). These are all manageable, and won't last forever. Thankfully the next phase won't be as invasive.

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