Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Day 190: No more black links

When I started this blog, I chose the title to reflect my effort to find the good in the bad and come out with something even better in the end. As I approach the end of this journey (8 weeks from today the first big steps of my treatment will be finished) and am slowly feeling better, I see my challenge as finding some ways to use my learnings to make a positive implant. Now all I have to do is figure out why, on whom and when...

I started my day with a headache and a short list of things to do.  I figure that I might as well catch up on things and even get ahead while I'm staying clear of the germ-filled public. I finished my list of priority items and just kept adding. My family will run much smoother as a result and I can even find things. Not exciting, but quite useful.

I caught up with Sue for a chat and got to yoga, which was quite challenging  in my current state. It's always good regardless. I spent the rest of the day essentially killing time, albeit it productively. I even have the time to really listen to my kids. I hate to admit it but the slowing down is very useful.

The most exciting news is that there are no more black links on the countdown chain. Woohoo! That means the good fast-growing cells in my body will soon be multiplying.

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