Monday, 10 March 2014

Day 182: Final day-before chemo blood draw done

I felt so elated when I walked out of the pathology collection cente at 9.45a. That was my last scheduled visit -  the last bold draw needle - for this chemo treatment cycle, and there's nothing on the horizon. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

While this round is clearly the easiest mentally, I suspect it'll be the hardest physically due to the cumulative build-up of cytotoxic drugs in my system. I'm armed for battle, though, with my side-effect fighting drugs on deck for their scheduled appearances. I expect that the next 2weeks are going to be awful, but when I finally start feeling better again I won't have to go back for another round. Yippee!

I celebrated my last day of feeling good with a walk along the beach with Delia. This is the same walk I did 2 weeks ago that saw me, at the turnaround point, looking for a ride home.  I was fine today.  I'm looking forward to my comeback #4 (2 c-sections and a hip replacement as practice). Who knows, there might be some new career in leveraging that experience...

And then there were the kids: Remie had a 30 minute meltdown before bed (I even filmed it). She said she hates me and we have too many rules. In an unrelated child interaction, Mel's daughter,  Sunny, gave me beautiful cuddles and kisses in Humphrey's, a local shop, earlier in the day. Oh the highs and lows of 2 young firecracker girls.

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