Saturday, 22 March 2014

Day 194: A full day - finally

I finally feel like I am getting better. I had the energy to fit lots in and don't feel like I overdid it. I couldn't have done it without Nick's help which was wonderful to have.

As my "training" buddies were all busy, I fit my walk in after brekkie at home. Nick dropped me down the beach and I walked home, picked up my car and met the family at the pool for the season's final swim club.

From there Remie and I went to an appointment with a family psychologist who works with lots of families dealing with cancer (she was referred by the Breastcare nurses at the hospital). Rebecca was open and warm and got Remie to talk. I was in the room so heard about how sleep is boring, I might not going to be ok after radiotherapy and school is much harder this year as they have to do maths every day. They came back around to the sleep issue and have come away with homework: keep a sleep/activity log for the next 2 weeks.

I am resigning myself to the concept that Many of Remie's issues do indeed stem from her mouth breathing and subsequent inability to be still. This means lots of compliance from her to fix the problem <big sigh>.

We spent the afternoon at Little Manly with Remie's frien, Hogo, and his family, who are moving to London on Wednesday. I also had the pleasure of a visit from Caroline, a former work colleague who was.up visiting from Canberra. It was so ver wonderful to be out and catching up after being housebound for the past few weeks.

Finally, about 8.30p, Remie had a cracker of a night terror/nightmare. Despite walking down the stairs, she was not awake at the start. She was screaming and jumping. She did seem to wake after a few minutes and explain to me that the water was climbing the rocks and wanted to eat her. She went back to sleep quickly after coming downstairs. Wow.

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