Sunday, 13 October 2013

Day 33 (Sunday 13 October): Contact

The world did indeed look rosier when I woke up. Pity It was around 6.40a by a nurse to take my vitals. But then I dozed, appreciating that I could do so undisturbed by children.

After a brekkie of berries (thanks Deb) and a refreshing shower, I waited eagerly to see my family. The kids were very excited to see me and Nick and his mum helped keep them in line. We had a great visit that ended in the requisite kids riding the hospital bed up and down. I even got to see Nick's new car before they headed off to do some shopping with Nana for their birthdays.

The rest of the day was filled with a little rest and uplifting visits from some fabulous people. Our circle of chairs outside in the "Healing Garden" kept getting bigger and bigger (thanks, Jono, for continuing to bring over more chairs). I enjoyed the piccolo and the veggie juice may find myself a few kg heavier if i dont share all the yumy chocolate.

Please know that I do go back to all your visits, cards, emails and messages when I start to wobble.  I draw strength from every contact and am buoyed by the incredible support I have received. 

Now my big challenge until "the news" (AKA pathology) comes in later this week is to keep living in the present and not slip into worrying about what might happen. Something will happen, and I will accept it as best I can knowing that I have lots of support and help to get me through. 

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