Monday, 14 April 2014

Day 217: Uninspired

The skies were are grey, it's wet, I'm tired and I have some key things to do (like book flights to the US and do taxes). I would love, in theory, to exercise as well but my cankles are not ideally suited. I am tired of being tired and uninspired. I am over feeling like everything takes so much energy. Thankfully I know it's temporary.

So I try to do something little to remind me that I'm not just biding my time. I did book tickets to the circus tomorrow for Remie, my mum and me; Alex didn't want to go so I organised it for a day he's doing sailing.  I also submitted 8 items as claims to our private health cover, filled out my absentee ballot for an upcoming Seattle election and taught Mum how to FaceTime me. I'll be happy with that for today.

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