Monday, 16 December 2013

Day 98: Round 2. 4 to go. At the 1/3 race mark.

It was a beautiful morning for a drive in Errol with Rach as my chauffeur. Steph took the kids to French, Nick headed to work and off we went.

I had a 9a appointment with Dr. Fran to check in, get the ok on yesterday's blood test results and discuss how it all went. I passed the tests and left with prescriptions for 2anti-nausea meds plus one for a sleeping pill to counteract the steroid anti-nausea. It was time to cross the street and go to "chemo cottage".

We waited 5 minutes for my recliner (the 4th one with the old cap machine)  to be vacated.  I put on my hoody and socks and settled in. Candy sprayed my hair with water, strapped on the cold cap and brought me a lovely blanket. That was followed by the lovely nurse working her magic and finding a vein. This time it was in the back of my hand, which was more sensitive than anywhere to date. The saline drip started and I was brought an anti-nausea tablet. At about 9.45a the bags of anti-nausea and chemo drugs started.

Rach and I chatted and the nurse told me it was time for the ice chips. I cheekily asked for an ice block and she magically produced one, followed by another. Bonus. Sue showed up with fresh juices which was divine. We all chatted for awhile, and when she had to leave Rach and I eagerly applied ourselves to finding new music. Ruth appeared as we were nearing the end and provided more great conversation, then it was time to head out about 1p.

After another enjoyable drive in Errol we stopped for a late lunch on the way home at 40 Beans, as per round 1. We got home just before Emma and the kids and sat outside while she sorted them out with afternoon tea and Xmas cookie decorating.

It's 5.30p and I am resting. I am definitely spaced out and feel a bit more queasy and tired than I did last time.  Perhaps the big sandwich for lunch wasn't such a great idea. I am drinking as much water as I can stomach (the taste has already gone metallic) and doubt I'll have much for dinner. All I can do is hope for a good rest and recovery.

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