Thursday, 19 December 2013

Day 100: The Real Aftermath

My pattern with this "FEC" treatment seems to be that chemo day leaves me hazy, the next day I am ok but queasy and tired, and then the day after that I get the brunt of it. Good thing I've worked it out with only one more to go (before the switch to Docetaxel only).

I had a good sleep but woke early, thinking all was good because I didn't have the headache I had last time.  Whew. Alex brought toast and iced cranberry tea, so I popped my Dex and finished a few things online while the kids went to their Advent calendars. After a shower and eggs for brekkie, I was feeling tired and lay down on the lounge. Danielle and Hugo came to get Remie at 8a for her day with them, and after waving them off I headed back to bed. I got up to say hi to Lucy when she and Tom picked up Alex at 9a, said bye to Nick, who headed out on errands, and went back to bed feeling like death warmed over.

I woke up at 11.30a feeling better.  Nick and I had lunch (mine was crackers, a few slices of turkey and some ginger ale). Steph brought over a green smoothie to help me get healthy.

I was feeling good enough to get to my doctor's appointment at 1.30p, simply to get updated referrals for my oncologists. Dr. Karen was as matter-of-fact as usual, telling us that there are no guarantees and we should enjoy all the good stuff that's mixed in with the bad.

As we picked up aa few final Xmas items in the shopping ventre where the doctors' office is, I bumped into the librarian from the prep/junior school with which the kids' pre-school was affiliated.  I have always admired Victoria, who sorted me out quickly for the remaining gifts I had to buy. There was one of those good moments.

We picked up Remie from her play date, and she was beaming. We went to the pool, where we met Alex, Tom, Lucy and crew, and it was time for the year's final swim lessons. I got in and did 200m in fins again. Refreshing.  Even Nick got in and swam a few laps.

After a quick kids' dinner, it was reading and bed.  Remie made it until 6.20p, while Alex chatted with Nick and me as we ate.  He headed to bed at 7p, and I was in bed at 8p. It's now 8.25 and getting dark. I feel much better after dinner and water.  I'm hoping for another good sleep and possibly feeling more human tomorrow.

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