Monday, 23 December 2013

Day 104: Visiting with old friends

It is always interesting to find that we have the energy to do whatever we set as a priority regardless of where we are in our lives. At about 6a this morning, My dear uni friend, Greg, arrived in Sydney with his partner and family. I have been hoping that I would feel good enough to spend some good time with them, and I am! I actually think that I would rally no matter what, but I am excited that it is easy. Nick, the kids and I took a ferry into the city about 10a to meet them. Alex marked this momentous occasion by wearing a special tie, and Remie picked her favourite outfit and accessories. It was so exciting to see Greg and Lee at Circular Quay. We then found Liz and Art at the Four Seasons and ventured off to the Rocks in the 35 degree heat. Our gastronomic tour took in The Lord Nelson pub (which we had all to ourselves) and lunch at Pony. The kids took to the group like long-lost friends, with Alex holding Liz's hand and Remie taking on Lee as her new BFF. I so love that time and distance mean nothing to friendships that have been built over 25 years, and that my kids understand that. We left our friends to the bridge climb while we went home. Nick and the kids had a swim while I rested. Emma came to babysit so Nick and I headed back into the city for dinner with our friends. It was a wonderful night at Cafe Sydney (and we even remembered to take a few pictures) that I will treasure as I soldier on in the next few months. As we were all tired, we called it an early night to rest up for a day on the harbour tomorrow. I went to bed feeling very lucky to have this fabulous interlude in my months of treatment. I am constantly reminded of the amazing support of all the wonderful people in my life, and hope that my kids can be as lucky to find such amazing people and create their own extended families during their lives.

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