Monday, 9 December 2013

Day 90: Three months into it

It's funny how life's little things bother me less now that I have bigger fish to fry. After an exhausting early morning workout (I started tired), I chose to drive the kids to school (embarrassingly it is all of6 blocks) in Errol with the top down as the sun was shining and I needed to pick up groceries. We were rear-ended at the roundabout just outside school. It wasn't even a fender-bender (a phrase i recall from my dad) as it only broke the registration plate holder. Apparently the woman sneezed so her eyes weren't open. That's funny - but it wouldn't be if there'd been any damage or injury. But there wasn't, so the kids had a good story to tell and all is good.

I managed to get nearly all of my Christmas presents wrapped today plus all of my insurance and Medicare submissions up to date. Perhaps that is why I am exhausted and decided to pull out of the kids' school P&C (PTA in American) meeting I was planning to attend tonight). It's 9p and I'm turning out the light. I figure I have to rest up to enjoy my next 7 days before my next round on the 17th.

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