Monday, 2 December 2013

Day 83: "Look Good, Feel Better"

Today I went to a "Look Good, Feel Better" workshop, which is a free community service program dedicated to helping cancer patients manage the appearance-related side effects resulting from cancer treatment. I went up north on the peninsula to Mona Vale public hospital (opposite direction from where I'm having my treatment)  at Gail's suggestion (she was impressed with Patsy, the group leader, and the morning tea). It was a lovely day so I put Errol's top down and enjoyed the drive.

There were 5 of us there, ranging in age from late-teens to 50s. There were 6 volunteers so we each had someone who worked with us individually. I learned more about make up today than I ever have before! It was a light-hearted affair with some very helpful tips (such as how to make your eyes loook relatively normal when your eyelashes fall out). I can't imagine that I'll make that much effort on a daily basis, but then again, being bald might make me change my tune.

I was disappointed that "the wig lady" didn't make it as I was hoping for some scarf-tying tips and a look at some turbans. Patsy did her best to offer some ideas and tips which were great starting points.
The morning tea nearly made up for the missed presenter.

The very exciting part of the day was that I made it to the kids' school dance concert this evening. It wasn't the same without the smuggled wine and snacks, but I was still very pleased to have been able to participate.

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