Thursday, 26 December 2013

Day 107: Slowing down after Christmas

Today was a wonderful day of pottering and generally slowing down after the past few days of packing in as much as possible to celebrate Christmas, old friends and feeling good. On Christmas eve day we did a 4 hour sailing cruise on the harbour with Greg, Lee and Mr. And Mrs. T. Nick loved the sailing, Alex and Lee helped and the rest of us enjoyed seeing the sights and catching up (Remie loved doing her art). Nick, the kids and I then raced back to Manly to go to the 4.40p kids' service at our local church where Remie was an angel (hey, there were camels and a donkey walking down the aisle, so stranger things have happened). We got home, fed and bathed they'd kids, passed them off to Netty, who was spending the night, and headed into Manly to meet our visitors for dinner. It was another great night together. Nick and I went home, and together with Netty made sure all was ready for morning. At 6a Remie was very excited to check out whether Santa had come. Alex was up shortly thereafter and the frenzy started. The kids would've town everything open by 6.30a if we'd let them! We managed to drag it out until about 7.30a. We then had to get sorted for the relocation of our annual beach gathering to our house due to rain. It was a wonderful event with Fran and Emma and kids, p,us Steph and Mark and kids and guests and Greg and Lee. We convinced the latter to join us for lunch at Rachel's mum's, and as always Liz outdid herself. Greg, Lee, Alex and I left before dessert to get the boys back to their hotel to get to the airport for their flight. Alex and I got home a bit before 5p and Nick and Remie arrived shortly thereafter. It really was a great two days. I feel very lucky to have been able to spend some time with Greg, Lee and Mr. and Mrs. T. They are extended family so it was great to be able to see them around the holiday. I am thrilled to have had the energy to pull off the packed schedule. I suspect I'll get exhausted soon. I am grateful that Rachel, Liz and their family welcome us into their family on Christmas. It has made being away from our own families much better. And I am blessed by the love and support of people near and far. I am now fortified for the next round, but I will appreciate the heck out of the next week and a half until that happens. Happy Boxing Day!

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