Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Day 358: Positive

This is the first day in ages that Remie didn't have a tantrum at me. She did have one about a drawing she'd done, but it passed quickly.  What a relief.

I had a great workout after dropping the kids. It is the first time since returning from holidays 4+ weeks ago that I felt like I was gaining strength.

I received my schedule from Mt. Wilga today to start next Monday and am cautiously optimistic about the program. I'll keep my expectations fairly low but hope they can help me adjust to this new part of my life.

My session with Jessica this afternoon was very insightful. She works with people affected by cancer and is part of the practice that was referred by my breast care nurses. I went to her to get some help in coping with my lymphoedema plus challenging child plus hovering thoughts of recurrence. She was brilliant and really helped me put my issues into perspective. She assured me that what I'm feeling is totally normal as most cancer survivors don't slide back into the life they had pre-diagnosis now that there are different worries. I was reassured and left with a tool to help me cope and re-balance.

I have a meeting tomorrow with the counsellor at the school the kids will go to next year. I'd asked the director if we might be able to work something out to help Remie with her transition and general anxiety. I'm again cautiously optimistic that it could help Remie.

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