Friday, 21 February 2014

Day 165: Civilian casualties

I can feel the white knights of Docetaxel starting to lay siege to any rogue cancer cells that survived the mastectomy, lymph node dissection and first 4 rounds of chemo. If any nasty cells are remaining, I feel confident that these final 2 rounds, plus the following 5 weeks of daily radiotherapy, will eliminate them.

There is, however, one slight problem: the reinforcements have been brought in to minimise the civilian casualties.  Dex has stepped back from the frontline slightly more quickly this time (2mg today as opposed to 4 at this point in my last round) with the aim of an easier come down. The Fungalin is working hard to contain the thrush that is threatening to overtake my mouth. The topical Zouvirax is attempting to keep the imminent cold sores at bay. The Intestamine is doing its best to soothe the lining of my gut. Panadol and Nurofen have been recruited to help with the bone and muscle pain that started to set in an hour or so ago. Strands of my hair and eyelashes are coming out and my nails are slowly starting to peel. My eyes are starting to get sticky.

Aside from all that, I feel ok. I got to Alex's swim carnival today and managed a takeaway lunch along the beach. I'm going to focus on these last 2 and have faith that the worst will pass by the end of the weekend.

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