Sunday, 2 February 2014

Day 146: Change

After lying around for the past few days, I decided that getting moving was going to help. We had a family morning swimming at Little Manly, where the sun was shining and it felt like we were on holiday. I so needed a bit of a change to get out of my self-pity rut.

After brekkie at home on the back deck (we never do that), we headed to the surf beach and had a play. The kids went off for a play date with E and M, so we went home and I rested. Man, resting is boring, especially on a gorgeous day, but oh so necessary.

I still don't feel good, but I am sensing I'll get there. In addition to the new side effects, this round has been quite the mental game as it's a new experience. I figure that by Tuesday I'll have a good idea of what to expect next round and will thus be able to plan accordingly. For now I'll just try a bit harder to stay focused on the prize (which, as my aunt reminds me, is spending many more years with my family), be positive and not take my crankiness out of those around me.

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