Saturday, 23 November 2013

Day 74: Sharks, rays and more dolphins

The weather worsened the past few days, as was predicted. We checked out the indoor "Ray and Shark Centre" yesterday morning. It was as cheesy as it sounds but the kids (and Nick) got to stand waist-deep in the tanks (more like pools) with the sharks (all toothless) and rays (all de-barbed) swimming around them and eating prawns and squid my family fed to them on the end of long sticks. I can't divulge the cost of this adventure because it is not believable that we parted with so much cash, but it did kill a few hours on a rainy day.  We managed to pass the rest of the rainy day grabbing lunch, playing UNO and Jenga and even fitting in a swim.

We awoke this morning to sunshine, so Alex and I headed off at 7.15a to the west on the bike path to explore. We had a great 6km return ride, and after brekkie Remie decided she wanted to check it out. We all had another great ride and managed to make it back just before the rain started.

We saw the best lightening storm while we were having lunch. There's nothing like watching a storm roll in and then pass; it's one of nature's wonders.

On the way back from souvenir shopping (Remie got a dolphin thing and Alex got a pelican), as we passed the police station and the school, the  kids started talking about practicing "lock down" at school. Alex had to explain that it was what they "need to do if a bad person comes into school with a gun and tries to kill" them.  I immediately thought that we are approaching the one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre. My plight might be rough, but we are lucky to have our kids.

The sun finally came out so we were able to enjoy an afternoon swim and beach exploration. We even saw another pod of dolphins frolicking right in front of where we're staying. Life is good.

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