Thursday, 14 November 2013

Day 65: New hair

I went into the city today to find wig options. Just so you know, I was pretty much against he whole concept initially; it was Remie saying that she thought I needed one that made me more open to the idea. So I was accompanied by my friend Mandy, who went down this path 5 years ago (and she is very well now!), and Chris, Remie's school bestie's mum who took me to hospital for my surgery. We picked up Remie from school and zoomed off to the shop, expecting a light and party-like atmosphere (after all, we were bringing a bottle of Piper, a platter of sushi and a plate of desserts!).

We arrived to an environment that was very different. The ladies in the shop, Roz and Cheryl, were not very excited about the size of our group (and became less so with the arrivals of Sue, Crystal and Kylie). They were also not so keen on our approach of trying on all different types of wigs or of taking pictures ("so we didn't go away and copy the styles"). The party was definitely going to have to happen elsewhere as this was all business. 

As I said to Nick over dinner, this is the first time in the process since my biopsy over 2 months ago that I wasn't treated with brilliant compassion. I think I could have been very depressed with the whole almost clinical-like experience if I were traumatised about losing my hair.  I wonder if the other shops are different?

In any case, I did get to try on a few, and managed to leave with one that looks very similar to my current style. I also took away a short red bob (I promise to post it soon), my first bamboo beanie in a beautiful green courtesy of Kylie and a brimmed ball cap for the sun. At least I now have options. And we did have a lovely picnic in Hyde Park. 

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