Friday, 1 November 2013

Day 52: Almost routine

I got to The Mater, my home away from home, a few minutes before I was due at Nuclear Medicine for my 8.30a injection required for my 11a bone scan. I'd left the kids in the capable hands of their yoga teacher who started Remie's session at 7.30a (While Alex did his homework) and then walked them to school.

After my injection I had a coffee at the cafe, did a few emails, then headed across the road to The Poche Centre to wait for my 9.45a appointment with Dr. Andrew. I found Kathy, who answered some questions I had regarding a reconstruction survey I was asked to do, had a quick chat and finished the survey. As I sat in the waiting room, one of the women from the seminar series came in and sat next to me.  She recognised me and reminded me of her name. We proceeded to talk for the 10 or so minutes until we were both called in. She was one of the 2women from Tuesday who had done the cold cap treatment and retained some hair. Her hair looked better than my first impression on Tuesday so perhaps I will give it some more thought.

Rebecca called me in and asked how I was. I told her very honestly that I am fabulous at the moment because I figure if I say it it might be true. She asked if I had any pain, to which I responded that I only had some mild discomfort. We discussed my head-shaving plans and I told her how Remie is educating her class. She was happy with her examination and suggested we add another 60ml to my expander. She got Dr. Andrew, who thought the whole thing was grand. He had a bit of a laugh when I mused that my hair was likely to come back grey as he is very grey. Why does it always look so good on men but not always so on women? We discussed the final result and he mentioned that there were other options besides implants. When I said I wasn't so keen to use my stomach muscles and risk a hernia, he tapped my stomach and mentioned we could use that. I will have to follow that up as im wondering if it could involve a non-elective tummy tuck ;-)

After the expansion, Rebecca asked me what my bra size was and what I wanted to be at the end of this process. Yes,she seriously asked me to pick my size. Unfortunately is was a no-brainier as I'm used to what I was and lingerie is expensive ;-)

After I finished there I went back across the road to Nuclear Medicine for my bone scan. As I was 20 minutes early, I managed to fit in my blood work before the scan. It was actually quite a relaxing hour lying down and having machines whir around me taking pictures. Now I just have to wait for the results and hope for the best.

The strangest part was that I totally know my way around the hospital and it seemed almost routine to be there. I wonder how I'm going to feel in 5 months after spending even more time there.

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  1. Let the healing journey begin.
    If your hair comes in grey, you will become the Lioness Silver Fox! What is it about us Leo women and our hair?
    Love you, Nancie!