Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Day 71: Escape

After seeing Remie's Kindy class do their "Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears" performance at the K-3 assembly, Nick, Alex, Remie and I jumped in the car loaded with bikes, boogie boards and a case of wine (amongst other things) and headed 3 hours north to Port Stephens for 4 (hopefully) relaxing days (yes, the quantity of wine might be overkill but Nick said he couldn't decide). We are staying in an apartment in a lovely resort with a pool right on the water. There is a lovely beach with squeaky sand (Bostonians: think Singing Beach) right across from the bike path. Our apartment is perfect with a sunset view and beautiful large balcony.

I am loving every minute of it - yes, even being able to react to Remie's atrocious over-tired antics. The Jenga game with kids v. mum was hilarious and watching the pelicans land while we were eating dinner was spectacular. It's good to remember how lucky we are to feel good, to have freedom of choice and to be able to share our lives with the people we love.

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