Sunday, 31 August 2014

Day 356: Ups and downs

I woke up at 1.30a with my wrapped hand hurting and my thumb tingling. As much as I wanted to keep the bandages on to possibly reduce the swelling, I thought the pain meant I should unwrap my arm and hand. I slept fitfully after, with my thumb feeling strange until later in the day.

I put my sleeve and glove on this morning when I was getting dressed to try to make it a part of my daily routine as I was told " it doesn't do any good if it's not on". The sleeve still seems to pinch at my wrist, as does the glove, so I'm not sure they are the best. Pity they cost about $450

The kids and I spent the morning at the beach with some of Remie's classmates while Nick went for a bike ride. The weather was perfect and the girls stopped down to their undies to play in the water as I hadn't brought swimmer. The lovely few hours turned foul when it was time to go and Remie screamed at me (and hit me) all the way home because I didn't do what she wanted in terms of helping her. I was in quite a bad mood at the end of it, at which point she fell apart sobbing and saying she was useless. We talked for a bit and she seemed to settle, but that's heavy stuff.

We spent the afternoon at Little Manly for lunch and hanging out with Roz and Simon and the kids. It was a most enjoyable way to spend a beautiful day - the last of winter at that.

There was more screaming from Remie before dinner, so I ran off to my room. She found me later sobbing, which prompted another chat about being brave and positive. I feel so very sad that she is scared and angry and I can't get help for her. I'm going to try another avenue tomorrow as it seems we need a bit more support.

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