Friday, 15 August 2014

Day 340: Allergies

I have been reduced to a snot-dripping, eye-watering, non-functioning heap thanks to what I think are allergies. There is a chance that, after a Telfast at 7.30a and a Claratine-D at 2p, plus the recent onset of chills, this is the start of a cold. Whatever it is, it has wiped me out.

Renee came to sort me out with a massage. She managed to get lots of the lymphatic fluid out of my hand, but it all went back once I put my sleeve, glove and bandage on. My tight lower back is undoubtedly contributing to my Achilles issues. I am now convinced that my exercise not only feels good but keeps me healthy. I'm still paying the price for 7 weeks of relative inactivity.

On that subject, I went to the pool and swam 1km. It is supposed to be helpful in reducing lymphoedema, and it's good with my hip, so I suspect I'll be doing more of it. It's not at all the same as running, but I'm hoping I can learn to love it.

Finally, I spent 9.5 hours today in my sleeve, glove and bandage. I think I could do a better job with the latter, so maybe I'll get Nick's help tomorrow.

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