Sunday, 17 August 2014

Day 342: Some success

It was a rainy morning after a terrible sleep (my hand got sore from the bandaging), so I stayed in bed until Remie came in at 7.20a because   She " thought I would want to be up".  The morning was very lazy until Rachel came by with E and M for a play date. I got to talk to my mum after her corneal transplant surgery while the kids entertained themselves. Rach came back for lunch, then she and I had a walk and found me a poncho that I can wear while my arm is wrapped up big.

I did as Erika instructed and took off the bandages just before dinner to find that my fingers and hand were greatly reduced. I'm so very pleased to have more movement. My arm is still pretty swollen, but at least the lymphatic fluid is moving in the right direction (up my arm and out through my torso).

Nick's off tomorrow morning until Saturday morning. He did all the food prep plus extra chores this weekend as he feels badly.  I'll just remember how nice it was to have him around for our holiday. And I'll watch the rest of series 2 of "House of Cards".

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