Sunday, 10 August 2014

Day 330: Dreaded lymphoedema

It's Monday and, after another night of continued arm swelling, it has become clear that I have contracted lymphoedema. After the removal of 25 of my lymph nodes and then radiotherapy, I was at risk of getting it, though the odds were fairly low. I did all I could to prevent it, but it seems that my number is up again.

I talked to Michiko, one of the Breast Care nurses, about what I should do. She pointed me to the physio who had fitted my compression sleeve. The earliest appointment I could get is for Thursday the 14th. So I will pass the time exercising and doing my specific exercises in the hopes that the swelling will go down.

Remie's defiance seems to have increased upon our return. I hope it passes soon as Alex is taking the brunt of her frustrations in the form of her hitting and scratching him.

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