Thursday, 21 August 2014

Day 346: Hope

The kids were in great form this morning. Piano lessons went well and they were helpful, aside from Remie's minor fit about not being able to find her jacket.

I had a challenging workout at the gym that helped adjust my attitude to one of being able to get through these current challenges. I find a bit of cardio and some good music can't do anything but help.

I came home to find a package containing my "custom compression garments" by the door. I never thought I'd feel so happy to receive my glove.

Lunch with Camille was uplifting. She's going to give me her plastic surgeon's details to get a second opinion on a tissue reconstruction.

When I picked up the kids poor Remie started crying as soon as she got in the car because she'd lost her drink bottle. Upon further inspection, her entire sandwich was still in her lunchbox, and her drink bottle (which Alex ran in to find) was full. After a bit of a battle over afternoon tea, we settled in and had a lovely afternoon.

Kate came by with a bottle of wine just before Alex went to bed. It was really great to have some adult company with whom to talk about families and dramas.

Right before she left, I took off my glove that I'd been wearing for 4 hours and my hand felt the best it has in 3 weeks. The fluid has all moved up my arm, but I think that's what it's supposed to do. With 2 treatments on the weekend then one on Tuesday and the clinic appoitment on Wednesday, I can see there's a light of some sort at the end of the tunnel.

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