Monday, 28 October 2013

Day 48 (Monday 28 October): Night terrors

This is the 7th night out of the past 8 that Remie has been up screaming within the first 2 hours of going to sleep. She wails and shakes and sometimes gets up and walks around. She is always very hot and sweaty. She usually settles down within a few minutes and never remembers it in the morning.

Her sleep study came back ok but her EEG showed a "spike and wave pattern" characteristic of petit mal (absence) seizures. This is unlikely to be causing the night terrors, but is it contributing to them? Is her trainer she wears to teach her how to breathe through her nose causing them? Is she over-stimulated or eating something that's causing the problem? Am I over thinking it?

At least what I'm going through has a pretty clear path from here on and it's happening to me, not my kids.  It's the not knowing and watching my child suffer that's terrible.

PS The chain is hanging up and thankfully it doesn't seem as long as I imagined it would.

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  1. Hey Nancie

    Do you have any Rescue Remedy?? If so, perhaps give her a squirt of that when she goes to bed. It might relax her enough that she gets past the night terror time?? Just a thought and it won't hurt her if it doesn't help.

    Good luck tonight.