Sunday, 20 October 2013

Day 39 (Saturday 19 October): Preparation and celebration

As I headed out on my Saturday early morning "training with the girls" (which this week consisted of walking down to and along the beach to meet Rach and Jen for brekkie before the kids' swim club), I thought about how my training for road races, triathlons and other competitions has prepared me for this challenge. I didn't know if I could finish my first half-marathon then a full marathon then not drown in the swim leg of a tri. I was terrified when I climbed Mt. Shasta and still panic every time I do an ocean swim. But I do it. I just breathe deeply, think positively, ignore the pain to the best of my abilities and rely on my friends. I'm going to use the same strategy this time ;-)

We had a lovely evening down the street at Little Manly beach and kiosk for dinner with the families of the 3 girls with whom I train. This is a key part of our extended family in Sydney as the kids have known each other for as long as they can remember. We made it Alex's birthday celebration, so the grown ups drank too much champagne (and wine and beer) and the kids had a ball roving the beach with sparklers until dark. The cake made by our fabulous neighbours (with Lego figurine topers in fondant made by a pre-school mum) was divine. It was a great night shared with friends, which really is one of the things that makes life grand. 

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