Thursday, 10 October 2013

Day 31 (Friday 11 October): Progress

I am always amazed at what a good night's sleep can do. I was disturbed a few times by my lovely nurse, Amy, checking my fluids and helping me wheel my drip to the toilet, but I had a great rest nonetheless. I felt so good that at 6.30a I asked Amy to take me off the fluids and morpheine drip and make me more independent. It's no surprise that shortly thereafter my BP went up to 112/63 which made everyone much happier.

Dr. Andrew came to check in at 7a. He was pleased to see me off the pain meds and feeling better. "I told you I was gentle," he said. Noting the still heavily flowing lymph drains he said I'd be in over the weekend. When I asked about possible treatments and lengths he was very clear that we can't plan anything until we find out how big the tumours are and how far the cancer cells have spread into the lymph nodes. He indicated that we should have those results by mid-next week.

Claire, one of the wonderful Breastcare nurses, elaborated on the results bit when she popped in to visit around 11a. She explained that once the results are in, the multidisciplinary team, consisting of surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and Breastcare nurses, meet to discuss treatment plans for their patients. I would then be handed over to an appropriate specialist who will manage the next step of my treatment. Complicated, eh? At least lots of thought goes into it.

The majority of the day was filled with loads of uplifting visits from friends bearing coffee and berries, naturopathic supplements to aid my recover plus chocolate-covered berries, a very interesting book and magazine plus hand cream and nuts, toothpaste, chips, juice and bikkies and Lindt and Hershey's chocolate. Combine those fabulous pressies with all the laughter and chatting, plus a bit of BBC World News podcasting, FaceTime with friends and family overseas as well as with Remie and Alex and hours with my wonderful hubby and I'm feeling better than when I arrived ;-)

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