Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Day 36 (Wednesday 16 October): Back to the routine

It was so nice to wake up in my own bed. I was so pleased when Remie came in at 6.30a for a cuddle. Getting organised and going was a bit slow, but at least my pain is nearly non-existent. After brekkie it was off to Remie's tennis lesson then over to school for the K-3 assembly to see Alex get an award to "consistent results in maths". He was so proud and excited that Nick, his patents and I were all there. Cute.

I then had a lovely and long overdue chat with Belinda after grabbing coffees and walking the block to the beach where we sat on the wall watching the surf. I really appreciated having the freedom and strength to be able to do that.

The reast of the day was perfectly mundane and normal. I find it amazing that despite having been pulled out of the day-to-day 18 months ago for my hip replacement (and months before in the lead up), I still quickly took for granted being able to do the daily things that drive most of us mad. I will admit that Remie's tantrums all afternoon still drove me mad, but it was nice to be part of it all (or maybe not...).  In 2 more days I think I enter the world of numbers and percentages (survival rates, chances of recurrence, number of weeks until treatment starts, etc.) so here is good now.

I am now exhausted. I was thinking of reading a bit about chemo to be able to prepare myself, but as the thought seems daunting, I'm just going to turn out the light and go to sleep. Good night.

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