Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Day 435: Next up

It's 9.05a and I'm gowned up and ready to go. Apparently I'm next up. It's all been very quick which is good for my mental state.

I had a lovely cuddle with Remie before showering, and Alex gave me Scruffy McDogson and his luggage (ID tag says " Chris picked me up at 7.15a to drive me and I had a lovely tour of the jacarandas on the way in.

At reception I said I was here to check in for my trip and asked if I could get an upgrade as I have quite a few frequent flyer miles. After I finished the admission paperwork, my "escort" came for me, saying she was taking me to the first class lounge. We went up to the surgery admissions area, where we waited for a bit then went through to do paperwork and get gowned up. Chris and I chatted, took photos and she packed up all my stuff.

Someone in surgical garb has just come in to do paperwork.  I'll report more post-op.

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