Sunday, 9 November 2014

Day 431: Questioning my next steps

We spent the weekend in Melbourne with Nick's family. It was great to catch up with the clan, including 92 year old Giddy and 1 year old Xavier. Nanna and Poppa stayed with us for the first few nights which was especially great for the kids. The visit was too short but it will just have to happen again before another year+ goes by.

My arm was none the worse after the flights but definitely suffered in the 34 degree heat on Saturday. I can guess that the summer heat I have always loved may be my nemesis this year. So sad.  Perhaps now is the time for skiing in Colorado in January.

Now that it's Only 4more sleeps until my surgery, I'm having a few questioning thoughts about whether I'm doing the right thing. Removing my other breast is not medically necessary and things can go wrong. Given that it's my fifth major surgery, I'm just hoping I recover as well as with the others. I actually thought of it like flying, but I digress.  I just have to remember that I'm in good hands and am doing this primarily for preventative reasons.

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