Friday, 31 January 2014

Day 144: Manic but wobbly

I can totally understand how people get addicted to speed (though the sensation of being like a wound-up toy sure is strange). My office is the cleanest it's ever been since we moved in 8 1/2 years ago! After walking the kids to school and having a coffee with Nick, I spent the day at home ticking off all sorts of things on my list of TTD. I tried to rest, but with the concrete drilling going on in the apartment building out back and my buzzing head, I opted for productivity. A dunk in Steph's pool cooled me down enough to sort of handle Remie's back-to-school dinner/bed meltdown.

That not-right-in-my-skin feeling is definitely still there. It's just bizarre that I want to slow down but can't.

The side effects are the same as yesterday, at about the same intensity. I think the exhaustion is getting to me now, so I'll turn out the lights without taking a sleeping pill and see how that works.

It didn't work quite so well. Shortly after turning out the light i experienced the "bone and muscle pain" that had been mentioned. Luckily it didn't start too bad, feeling more like the "growing pains" of youth. I tossed and turned and finally managed about 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I'm looking forward to some real sleep next week.

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