Thursday, 23 January 2014

Day 136: Wiped out

I read that I would get tired from the chemo, and I heard people talk about it. Like anything else, it doesn't really register until it happens to me. I'm bone tired. Not like that nice feeling I get from exercise (which I'm so looking forward to doing more of once the kids go back to school next week) but more the stop functioning kind.  I did have a swim today while the kids were having their lessons and all I could muster was 300m. It was better than nothing I guess.

I do seem to recall being exhausted at the end of last summer holidays, so hopefully having the kids back at school will make things easier in a way.

I climbed into bed at 8.45p after looking at the mere 4 links on the countdown chain until the start of the next black run. The thought of it is making me tired. At least we have a fairly us scheduled long weekend to rest and relax.

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