Sunday, 12 January 2014

Day 125: Almost back to "normal"

I woke up Saturday feeling great. It was a stunning day and very exciting! Sandy and I met Rach, Jen and Sue for our first swim all together this year and this season. We had brekkie after at our favourite cafe before Sandy and I headed home.

We all helped pack and headed down on foot and scooter to Fairy Bower (the beach that only exists at low tide) for a midday with Jen and Owen and their kids of snorkelling, stand up paddle boarding, swimming and picnicking. The sun was shining, the tide was right and the swell was non-existent: it was magic. We were having such a great time that we decided to find sitters and head out child-free for dinner.

Our neighbor, Kate, was kind enough to offer to babysit. It was a busy Saturday in Manly and, as we sorted out where to go, I started to feel like I had maybe been too optimistic about how well I had recovered. It was a great night, but in retrospect, I would have been better off home in bed early.

I learned a bit today and had a great family morning out at the beach and sushi train lunch but then spent the rest of the day very quietly around the house. I definitely don't have the energy I did so have to remember to stay within my limits to feel good and appreciate getting out.

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