Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Day 121: Remarkably well

Given my toxic cocktail infusion yesterday, I felt unbelievably good today. No, I didn't venture further than my neighbor's door and I did have a 2 hour nap, but I managed all 3 meals, some admin that required thought and even some thoughtful conversation. My day started with Remie remembering that I needed some toast first up with my anti-nausea meds. Bless her. I took both the Dex plus a Pramin, and they did the trick for the day. I didn't have any nausea but do have a sore gut. Lucky for me the chemo is non-denominational and targets the mucus lining in my gut, stomach and mouth (which is ok so far) as well as any rogue cancer cells. Mel dropped off some specific intestinal herbs to try to soothe my gut. Sandy and Remie headed out about 9a, so I went back to bed and slept until 11.30a. I woke up feeling more in the world so I got some lunch, drank lots of water and talked to my mum Sandy and Remie got home and showed me the art they did. When Steph brought over her special healing green smoothie (part of the trick to my recovery, I bet), Remie went over to play withe her boys and their friends so Sandy and I had a bit of time. The rest of the afternoon was calm and peaceful, as was dinner and a bit of tele. Remie seems to be thoroughly enjoying being a single child this week. I did hear from Nick who said Cuboree was going well but Alex was a bit teary last night. He opted to skip the movie and get to bed early at 9.30p (!), so the poor monkey is just tired. Speaking of which, I am tired too. After the 3rd episode of "House of Cards" (the US version, Alan), it's past my bedtime. I'd better rest up as The aftermath seems to hit worst on the Thursday after treatment.

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