Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Day 256: 7 days post-radio and 6 weeks post-chemo

As someone said to me earlier, this, too, has passed. I feel like I'm getting back into the swing of having a life again. My radiation burn is nearly gone thanks to the miraculous Flamazine, which I just finished tonight (I filled my script for a spare tube today). My hair is growing, though I wish my eyelashes would be quicker about it. I wore contacts again today. I can taste everyone I eat and drink. The body's ability to recover is amazing.

The unfortunate part of finishing my toxic cocktails and light show is that I now have the time to think about whether the treatment was able to eradicate and rogue cancer cells. Or what might happen if it didn't. And how I want to live my life knowing that the threat of recurrence is in the background. Do I want to have my other breast removed as "insurance"?  What about my ovaries?

I'll keep turning these issues over in my mind. Thankfully they do not require immediate attention. I'm sure Dr. Fran will shed some light on my next steps and beyond when I see her on Friday.

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