Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Day 249: One link left on the chain

It is so very exciting to see that lonely link left up on the wall. I can hardly believe that tomorrow will be my last "treatment trip". Unfortunately, the end is not yet here.

In the next week, apparently the condition of my 'burned" skin will worsen. I unpacked my prescribed Flamazine tonight that Dr. Susan instructed me to use for the coming week. It contains 1% silver sulfadiazine and is used to treat and prevent infection of skin wounds. It is applied every 24 hours and I think the plastic wrap/tube coverage is used again. It shouldn't be any more onerous than the Solugel and will ideally promote healthy skin recovery.

It's hard to believe that the tunnel is ending. I'm looking forward to getting back to exercise and to not eating lunch in the car. Simple pleasures are often the best.

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