Sunday, 15 September 2013

Day 6: If I'm busy it can't be true

I am already tired and the fight hasn't even really started.  The kids' school fundraiser was last night so we got to bed past midnight and the kookaburras woke me up with their lovely song at 4.20a after which I dozed until 6.30a.  Then it was up and prep for Remie's 6th birthday party.  16 6-year-olds (ok, one was 7 and 2 were eight) ran riot at the tennis centre under the wonderful guidance of Scott, the instructor who ran the party.  They had a ball.  Remie loved all her pressies.  Then it was time to get home, finish homework and pack for our trip to Hamilton Island which may or may not start on 24th September (it's this grey area that I'm not enjoying).  As I was doing the dishes after dinner I had this fleeting thought that maybe "they" got the diagnosis wrong.  How's that for not wanting to face the truth?  It's 8.30p and I'm off to bed.  I'm sure it was all look better in the morning.

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