Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Day 15 (Wednesday 25 September): Background and possible treatment plans

I've been asked how I got to where I am with this. I can't say that I was phenomenally proactive. I happened to mention to my doc, during my Pap smear, that lefty felt a bit lumpy.  She checked it out and didn't think there was anything to worry about.  She sent me for a mammogram, then a biopsy then dealt me the blow. That all took less than 2 weeks.  I honestly had no idea that anything was wrong until the doctor's office rang to make an appointment after Dr. Karen had seen the biopsy results. Then I promptly baked a cake (!).  

The possible next steps will become clearer approximately 10 days post surgery on the 9th of October (at least I will be out of hospital as we celebrate Alex's 9th birthday on the 17th). First up is taking out what's growing (qty tumours  and size) and then finding out what stage it is (which is the part that requires the waiting). Then I'll get a treatment plan. It possibly starts with chemo if it's in my lymph nodes or blood stream or just really advanced or aggressive. If not, then it'll be straight to 6 weeks of radiotherapy. After all that I'll be on hormone therapy (yes, straight to menopause, which means that at least it won't happen when Remie's going through puberty so there is some upside) for 5 years. If I don't need any of those steps listed then then I go directly to the next one in the line up. Not much fun but all necessary to get it out. And now I understand why I was told I'm on a freight train speeding along. 

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