Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Day 2 (Wednesday 11 September): The Art of Hovering

I woke up to my new reality and thought: shit, this is going to be hard.  And I reminded myself that the only thing I can control is my attitude (for how many years have I said that?!).  I MUST focus on the positives.  I MUST NOT let myself go down the mental path of the "what ifs" and the "could be".  As Remie said last night in the bath (not having any idea what I had just learned): "Mummy, let's think about the good things in our lives".  So there you have it.

I am feeling much less panicked today having talked to two friends who have been down similar paths.  I will know more next Thursday when I consult with the surgeon, Dr. Andrew out of the Mater. Until then, it's not worth delving into the possibilities mentally.  I will stay above it all (I think it might be called denial) for another week. 

I am thinking that my hip replacement 18 months ago was a dry run or mere practice.  I'm confident in my strength and ability to survive getting knocked about.  This is today.  I'll go to bed on a high note.  Tomorrow is another gift and step in the journey.

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