Sunday, 15 September 2013

Day 5 (Saturday 14 September): Guardian Angels

I finally got a shower just past noon.  I was enjoying the warmth after an early-ish morning swim when Remie, my darling nearly 6-year-old, walked in to talk about God.  This is an ongoing topic in our house since both Remie and Alex, her nearly 9-year-old brother, do general Christian studies in school and neither Nick nor I would call ourselves believers. We must have had some discussion about guardian angels over the past term which Remie must have been pondering for awhile given the conversation we had as follows:

Remie: "Mummy, you know that if you believe in Guardian Angels you have to believe in God because he controls them and tells them when to go out and who to look after."
Me (liking the idea of having someone dedicated to looking after me and trying to feel her out): "Ok, I can go with that.  But why does God make bad things happen?"
Remie:" Mummy, when bad things happen God has a plan." She hten proceeds to tell me about some people in a well for 7 years and something about how they had food when others didn't.
Me (trying to get her to think this through): "So what was His plan when I had to have my hip replaced?"
Remie: "Well, Mummy, I think that maybe God wanted you to feel how much it hurts because you're always telling me that I should just be tough when I get hurt."  Interesting take.
Me: "So what if something else bad were to happen to me?"
Remie: "I think if something else bad happened to you then maybe it would be God's plan for Daddy, Alex and me to help out more."


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  1. Wow indeed. Kids are prophetic!